Christian Ferdinand Jokumsen

Født :14.06.1868Vandstedhus, Torslev sogn (1)Torslev s. kirkeb. 1865-1877 C71-5,1 side 017 no. 16 (1)
Døbt :26.07.1868Torslev kirke, Dronninglund HerredTorslev s. kirkeb. 1865-1877 C71-5,1 side 017 no. 16 (1)
Død :1935Rudyard, Chippewa County, Michigan-
Begravet :1935Kinross Lakeside Cemetary-

Alder : 66

Noter : .
Torslev s. kirkeb. 1865-1877 C71-5,1 side 017 no. 16
Født drengebarn.: Christian Ferdinand Jokumsen, født den 14. juni 1868, døbt i kirken den 26. juli 1868
Forældre.: Indsidder Christen Jokumsen og hustru Karoline Andersen 23 aar af Vandstedhedehuus.
Faddere.: pigen Ane Joh. Jørgensen af Hjortmose - Moderen - husmand Jacob Pedersen af Trindkjær - husmand Thomas Nielsen af Tørholm

Folketælling 1870 Torslev sogn
no 341 Vandsted hedehus
Christen Jochumsen, 29, Albæk
Caroline Andersen, 23, Lendum
Petrine Jochumsaen, 4, Torslev
Andreasine Karoline Jochumsen, 3, Torslev
Christian Ferdinand Jochumsen, 1, Torslev
Ane Cathrine Henriksdatter, 63, enke, Lendum, slægtening

Hjørring, Dronninglund, Torslev, Skoven Torslev Sogn, Vandstedhus, 5, FT-1880, C1603
Christen Jokumsen 39 Gift Husfader Arbejdsmand Albæk Sogn Hjørring Amt
Karoline Jokumsen (født Andersen) 33 Gift Husmoder Torslev Sogn Hjørring Amt
Petrine Jokumsen 14 Ugift Deres Børn Torslev Sogn Hjørring Amt
Andreasine Karoline Jokumsen 13 Ugift Deres Børn Torslev Sogn Hjørring Amt
Christian F. Jokumsen 12 Ugift Deres Børn Torslev Sogn Hjørring Amt
Hans Anton Jokumsen 10 Ugift Deres Børn Torslev Sogn Hjørring Amt
Laurits Carl Jokumsen 9 Ugift Deres Børn Torslev Sogn Hjørring Amt
Anne Thomine Jokumsen 4 Ugift Deres Børn Torslev Sogn Hjørring Amt
Anne Jørgine Jokumsen under 1 år Ugift Deres Børn Torslev Sogn Hjørring Amt
Mr. and Mrs Christian Jacobsen and all of their children sailed from
DK in 1890 and arrived in Rudyard that same year. Mrs. Jacobsen
(Caroline) had a half-sister in Rudyard who had encouraged their
Among the Jacobsen children, the ones who stayed in Rudyard through
their adult lives were Fred and his wife (Minnie Hansen) and the
youngest, Manny and Alvina. Manny Jacobsen later married Mary Hansen,
Minnie's sister; Alvina Jacobsen married Emanuel Hansen, Minnie's
brother. Minnie had sent for her two younger brothers, Emanuel and
Henry, about 1900.
Christian Jacobsen died around the turn of the century and Fred
Jacobsen assumed the responsibility for the care of his mother and her
two younger children, his brother and sister.
Alvina Jacobsen married Emanuel Hansen (also called EM or Manny) in
1906 in Rudyard. They reared three sons and two grandchildren, and
remained in the town all of their lives. E.M. Hansen worked for the Soo
Line Railroad for fifty years, while his wife Alvina ran the farm with
the help of Harold Hansen, E.M.'s nephew who had come to the United
States and Rudyard in the late 1920's. The Hansens sold the farm and
moved to town in 1940.
Alvina (Jacobsen) Hansen was a fantastic horsewoman who got more out
of a horse than most people could, probably because she loved and babied
them. Her horses ran in many "quickie" events against expensive,
thoroughbred racers,and her "unknowns" would win.Alvina and E.M. Hansen
lived to celebrate sixty-four-years of marriage, and to enjoy
grandchildren and great grandchildren.
In the early years, when Rudyard natives had to make their own fun,
many a good time was had at the farm of Fred Jacobsen. Neighbors and
relatives would congregate and square dance to the "fiddle" music
conductive to those large gatherings. Walter Jacobsen, Fred's son, died
suddenly in late Aug., 1982. His wife, Linda (Stevens), still lives in
By: Rudyard Township Centennial Committee

Christen JochumsenKaroline Andersen
Abt 1892 - Thomine Marie (Minnie) Hansen 09.03.1896 - Edward Jacobsen
1899 - Harry Jacobsen
1902 - Walter Jacobsen
1903 - Carl Jacobsen
1905 - Harold Jacobsen
02.02.1907 - Laura Jacobsen
1909 - Alec Jacobsen
10.12.1911 - Harvey E Jacobsen
1913 - Roy Jacobsen
1916 - Mildred Jacobsen

Christian Ferdinand Jokumsen
Christen Jochumsen
Abt 1900

Karoline Andersen
Jochum Pedersen
Omk 1803

Karen Pedersdatter
Omk 1806

Anders Christian Andreasen

Ane Cathrine Henriksdatter
Peder Jochumsen
Omk 1758 - -
Marie Nielsdatter
Omk 1772 - -

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Henrich Madsen
1765 - 27.06.1832
Anne Nielsdatter
1764 - 27.06.1827

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