Pearl Viola Jensen

Født :21.11.1912Lake Preston, South Dakota, USASheila M. Larson, Erwin, SD, USA (1)
Døbt :27.12.1912-Sheila M. Larson, Erwin, SD, USA (1)
Død :1981-Sheila M. Larson, Erwin, SD, USA (1)
Begravet :24.09.1981Lake Preston, South Dakota, USASheila M. Larson, Erwin, SD, USA (1)

Alder : 68

Noter : .
Contributed her family history research to Lake Preston Centennial book (1979?)
From Pearl's notes, her baptismal sponsors were Jenny Soren, John Larsen, Reinart Nilson, Inger Jensen
From Pearl's 1976 notes: Pearl (Jensen) Larson, born on a farm southeast of Lake Preston on November 21, 1912. This farm sold to Robert Schell. Spent first years of school in a one room school house, the Gudmestad school 1 1/2 miles east of our place where Dagmar Soren (Mrs. Art Soren) taught.

In 1920, moved to Lake Preston with my parents and lived in a house 1 block east of the school house. My second grade was a hard adjustment. From 8 grades in one room to just 1 class. Our class was shifted from one place to another as school was crowded. One year spent in a room in the Park Hotel, which was where Nelson's Motel is (1976.) (Lake Preston Motel 2006) Then in the basement of the old grade school building. Crawled out side window when we had fire drills. Then a school house was moved in east of grade building (the "Double" school house which was from over by Jon & Wendell Nelson's according to Frank Virchow & Willard Hodges. Not sure why it was called that. Frank remembered going over to that school yard to play baseball - the buiding is still used for preschool in 2006), finally 7th & 8th grade were on top floor of grade school. Had the thrill of sliding down an enclosed fire shoot on north side of school.

Finished high school, tried to get work but this was a bad year, 1931. The 30's were in full swing and banks were closing, so didn't go to college. Instead took a job on a farm through harvest, $2.50 a week. Cooking for threshers and a family of five. As this lady had a big garden, we canned way into the night. There were six of us to cook for and I wasn't used to cooking with sour cream. Had a few flat cakes, but covered the mistake with whipped cream and tried again. Many times, telling stories to three small kids to keep them quiet.
Dad said, "That is enough, come home and help me. I want to paint the farm. You're worth that at home." In that day, we picked our own seed corn, no hybrid seeds, so we racked and dried the corn in the barn, hand shelling and grading it later for spring planting. Also took the Maxwell truck and went out to the tree claim. Cut and corded trees for winter fuel. We cut 17 down one day and piled them south of the house. With a two man saw, we cut them in chunks for the furnace.

If we had money, Dad bought paint for the farms. Many days were spent painting. Taking our lunch buckets and eating together in the shade of a tree.

In the winter, Dad liked to work with wood. I helped him. sometimes, we put potatoes in the furnace entrance and baked them for lunch or super. with a gob of butter. Mmmm good. Just enough smoke flavor to be delicious. We made Ferneries, hampers, flower stands. Door stop with sad little dogs with flopy ears, sold nearly 100. Anything to make spending money.

Shows were 10 cents, so was swimming. But babysitting was 50 cents for a full night.

In 1936 on Leslie's birthday we went to Huron, SD to be married. It was a cloudy day. Leslie's sister, Ruth (Larson) Aho and cousin, Clifford Johnson stood up with us in front of the Justice of the Peace. (& Oldham Minister?).

Next day was as usual. No honeymoon. corn shocks had to be taken in and piled for the winter.

So now I'm Mrs. Leslie Larson.

Moved on a farm north of Lake Preston, 12 miles north of my folks' home. Life wasn't easy as the dirty 30's still raged. We didn't start our life like they do today. We had $35 dollars in our pocket, with that we bought 1 linoleum and a kitchen cabinet. The cabinet had crating around it, so I made book rack and flower stands to fill up the empty spaces. Our bed was one someone threw out. It had 3 legs and a hole drilled into a tree stump for the fourth leg to rest on. Farming looked pretty grim, but we had each other and not afraid to work. Cows, chickens and a garden were a must. Sometimes we wondered where the feed was coming from. All low places were planted with cane & millet.

My husband owned a threshing machine and many of the farmers had to pay their bill 50 cents a week out of their cream or egg check.

The dirt continued rolling in. Many days so dark we wet blankets and hung over the windows. By night you couldn't see the rug pattern, covered with fine dust.

Life as a starting farmer looked pretty hopeless, but we kept trying. chickens, cream and eggs were a must to survive.

You had to try to save enough seed to plant and get through another year.

Thistles blew everywhere filling fences so thick, they broke.

Potatoes were a scarce food. Macaroni filled many plates.

Dale entered our lives in 1943, on June 8th. He was born in the old Huron Hospital south off main, now an apartment house after a fire raged through it. He was the only child we had, to our sorrow.

In 1961 celebrated our silver wedding anniversary.

Continuing to farm until 1975 when Leslie turned the land over to Dale. We then took a trip to Alaska. Spending our winter in Arizona at Apache Junction.

Dale married Gloria Warner of Lake Preston and they have 4 children, Larry, David, Joann and Beverly. Beverly died Dec 4, 1977, born Jan 10, 1968.

I (Pearl) was baptized December 27, 1912. Confirmed by Rev. E. C. Eid July 7, 1934.

Leslie died September 21, 1981 of a massive corinary heart attack.

After his death, I had both eyes operated on. continued to go south, going with a lady from Melita manitoba, Canada. She does all the driving. 1992 was my 19th year in apache Junction, where we own a small 35 foot trailer. Melvin is in Mesa, about 12 miles from me. this year, I had a stroke and my left side is affected. Hopefully I'll be able to go down again.

Pearl had an eye operated on October 7, 1981 at Abbot Hospital in Minneapolis, MN. Stayed with Paul & Marilyn.

Goes to Apache Jct, AZ for winters. Ride with Madeline Pew of Canada.

1992 had a stroke. Took left side. 1993 & 1994 went back to Arizona.

1993 Dale & Gloria and their family haad a big birthday party for my 80th. 125 people came to Erwin Legion Hall to help me celebrate.

Baptism: December 27, 1912
Burial: Lake Preston City Cemetery, Lake Preston, SD
Confirmation: July 07, 1934
Graduated: 1931, Lake Preston High School

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- Leslie Edward Larson 08.06.1943 - Dale Allen Larson

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