Jeppe Larsen

Født :07.05.1854Tversted sogn (1)Kirkebogen
Døbt :05.06.1854Tversted kirke, Horns Herred, Hjørring amtKirkebogen
Død :03.1904-Sheila M. Larson, Erwin, SD, USA (1)

Alder : 49

Noter : .
Kirkebogen for Tversted sogn
Fødte drenge 1854, no. 4
Jeppe Larsen, født den 7. maj 1854, døbt i kirken den 5. juni 1854
Forældre.: Husmand Lars Jeppesen og hustru Ane Margrethe Sørensdatter paa Rimmen
Census 1855, Tversted sogn
Lars Jeppesen, 48, born Tversted parish
Ane Margrethe Sørensdatter, 41, wife, born Tversted Parish
Christian Larsen, 6, child, born Tversted Parish
Søren Christian Larsen, 4, child. born Tversted Parish
Jeppe Larsen, 1, child, born Tversted Parish

Copy of Jeppe's homestead file from the National Archives And Records Service, Washington DC 20409 mailed to Dale Larson 1/24/1985, the invoice says 26 pages x $0.35 per page - $9.10. Copy Certification says Copy from the National Archives, Record Group 49, Additional Info, Watertown, Homestead Final Certification File 4270

April 6, 1881 Homestead application #15881 at the "Watertown, Dak" Land office made application for 144.57 acres E 1/2 of SW 1/4 lots 3 & 4, Section 7, Township 112N, Range 54W, final certificate No. 4270.

June 4th 1881 made application to Mitchell land office via Kingsbury county, swearing that he wasa single person over the age of 21. The words "Citizen of the United States" are crossed out leaving "have declared my intention to become a citizen of the United States" and also that he resides on the land and that it is for the purpose of settlement and cultivation. June 16, 1881 paid $13.61 to the Mitchell Land office , via Kingsbury County, for application #15881 for 144.57 acres SW1/4 of 7-112-54, signed "Jappe Larsen".

June 16, 1881 paid $13.61 registration fee to Mitchell Land office for application #15881.

On February 16, 1888 Jappe filed an Intention to Make Final proof at the Land Office at Watertown, D. T. (Dakota Territory), agreeing to appear April 4, 1888 before the Judge in Probate Court in Kingsbury County with witnesses Anton Peterson, Martin Nelson, Christ Peterson and Ole O. Bjordal all of Erwin, SD.

March 29th, 1888 Chas. J. Lord publisher of the "Bryant Post" signed an Affidavit of Publication stating that Jeppe Larson's notice of intention had run in his paper for six consecutive weeks.

On April 4, 1888 Jeppe and his witnesses appeared before the Kingsbury County Probate judge and all testified to Jeppe's occupation and improvement of the land. Jeppe's and witness testimony all concurred, that Jeppe had stayed with his brother Soren for two years as he was too poor to make the improvements, but he had worked on the land during that time and had broken 3 acres the first year for wheat, oats and barley, then 11 acres the 2nd year and increasing until 95 acres were broken prior to the 1888 hearing. He had built the house and buildings and lived on the homestead continuously since his marriage "November 16, 1883". To the question, "When and by whom was your house built? Is it habitable at all seasons of the year?", Jeppe answered, "The one I have now, June 10th, 1883. It is." He declared his farm implements owned as "1/2 interest in (sp?) Bariston Wagon Farming Mill section breaking plow cultivator, cross plow dray, 2 horses, 16 head of cattle". To the question "Articles of furniture over every kind you keep in your residence and how long you have had them there", Jeppe answered, "2 stoves, 1 bed and bedding, 4 chairs, table, dishes, cupboard (& cans?). Signed "Jeppe Larson". "The Judge signed Jeppe's Final Affidavit, stating that he was a US Citizen and had lived on the settlement continuously since January of 1882. File includes Jeppe's Certificate of Naturalization.

On April 7, 1888 the Watertown Land Officer certified that a copy of Jeppe's Homestead notice was posted in their office for 30 days beginning February 16, 1888.

On December 19, 1888 the application was "examined' by M. S. Wade. The examination shows that the deadline for date of settlement was not met and includes an explanation, "was poor and did not have means to make the necessary improvements to get on land within 6 mos". Eventual improvements prior to examination were "House 8 x 24, Barn 24 x 36, Granary 12 x 24, Well, 4 acres in trees and 90 acres broken, total value of improvements $975. Kind of crops: Wheat, Oats, Barley. Residence claimed: 6 yrs, 9 mos & 19 days. Military service claimed: none. Number of absenses: none since Nov 2, 1883, before that on land at intervals. Claimant's family: Wife & 2 children.

Watertown Land Office receipt, says recommend for Patent and refered to Division "O" January 14, 1889.

The homestead was Patented August 16, 1889.

Wedding date per Christ Peterson's testimony on behalf of Jeppe's Homestead application.

(The first step of Naturalization being completed in Freeborn County, MN - Jeppe's final Citizenship was granted in Kingsbury County)

Certificate of Naturalization, Territory of Dakota, Kingbury County. In District Court: And now to-wit: At a time of said Court now being held at DeSmet in and for the County of Kingsbury in said Territory upon the forgoing Oath and Affidavits and Further proof having been made by the production of a certificate that the said Jeppe Larsen did before the Clerk of District Court Freeborn County Minnesota the same being a Court of Record having common law jurisdiction, make the requisite declaration of his intention to become a Citizen of the United States and to renounce all other allegiance, as required by the Laws of the United States. It is Ordered by the court. That the said Jeppe Larsen be, and is hereby Admitted to be a Citize of the United States. By The Court: James Spencer, Judge. C. L. Dawley, Clerk. W. E. Whiting, Deputy. Dated this 1st day of April, 1887.

Lars JeppesenAne Margrethe Sørensdatter
16.11.1883 - Hanne Bæk 29.10.1887 - Anna Margaret Larson
10.08.1889 - Francis Larson

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