Jens Larsen
Jens Larsen

Født :24.08.1888Rønnebjerg, Vrejlev, Børglum, Hjørring, DKSvend V Thrane
Døbt :16.06.1889Lendum, Horns, Hjørring, DK-
Død :01.04.1942Rudyard, Chippewa County, MichiganSvend V Thrane
Begravet :04.04.1942North Rudyard Cemetary-
Census..:1890Bredmosehede, Lendum sogn (1)-

Alder : 53
Alt.navn : in US Henry Hansen
Ref. : 7

Noter :
LDS Church Records Film No: 0434809 Lendum, Horns, Hjørring, DK, Bk 15-17 P18, # 9 Baptism, Born in Rønnebjerg, Vrejlev Sogn, Børglum Herred-- 23 Aug 1888--baptised 10 June 1889 in Lendum Church -
Census 1890 Lendum Parish
Foster child, living with Niels Hansen and Maren Kathrine Jensen (Wulff)

Connie Georges
Tomine Hansen b: 1871 gave birth to my Grandfather Jens Larsen who
in the US changed his name to Henry Hansen.
Jens Larsen was raised by Niels and Maren Hansen.
Tomine one year after his birth emigrated to the US where
she married Fred Jokumsen. Jens Larsen then came to the US when he was 16
years old.
Noone in the family new that Tomine was his mother until my
research. Jens always referred to Niels and Maren Hansen as his parents.
am just curious whether my Grandfather knew?
With Tomine I found that the father of her child
was a man, widowed who she had worked for who was 65 years of age.
Tomine lived and worked on his farm until after the birth of Jens. He
acknowledged he was the father.
My Grandfather was a gentle, loving, hard working man. He died a hero. From
the stories I have heard Tomine was also. The wonderful stories I have heard
of these Danes make me want to visit Denmark very much. All of the people I
have meant from Denmark have made my research a pleasure.

DEAT 1 APR 1942 Rudyard, Chippewa Co MI
April 1, 1942 Henry Hansen 53 yr. White Married Pickford Twsp. Father: Christ Hansen B/P DK Mother: Unknown Cause of Death: Homicide, gunball entering right jaw and gun ball entering abdomen. Occupation: Lumberman
Farmer, Lumberjack, & Chippewa County Highway Commissioner
In 1927, Henry Hansen married Eva Vandusen. Eva was the Mother of
two children Helen and Robert. Henry and Eva then had Elsie and
Florence. Henry had a farm and a lumberyard. He also was the Chippewa
County Highway Commissioner for 18 years. In 1942, Henry Hansen was
murdered by crazed employee of his lumber camp. As written in the Sault
St. Marie Evening News Newspaper on April 1, 1942

Jens LarsenThomine Marie (Minnie) Hansen
08.06.1927 - Eva Marie VanDusen 03.03.1928 - Elsie May Hansen
23.09.1929 - Florence Lorraine Hansen

Jens Larsen
* 24.08.1888
† 01.04.1942
Jens Larsen
* 21.02.1825
† Omk 1895

Thomine Marie (Minnie) Hansen
* 28.09.1871
† 1937
Lars Sørensen

Mette Christensdatter

Niels Hansen
* 07.12.1844
† 02.07.1910

Maren Cathrine Jensdatter
* 18.04.1845
† 01.04.1910

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Anne Kirstine Christensen
* 1821 - -

Jens Peter Nielsen
* Omk 1813 - -
Valdborg Marie Andersdatter
* Omk 1813 - -

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